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The Studio

We stand out from the crowd due to our purpose built dance studios. We are so pleased to be able to offer our classes in a safe and secure environment. Our premises benefit from two studios, sprung flooring, mirrors and barres. We take enormous pride in ensuring that safe dance practise is applied to all our lessons.

But what does this mean? 

Flooring- Repetitive jumping and physical exercise on unsuitable floors will cause stress and damage to developing bones and muscles. Shin splints and stress fractures are common where children have danced on hard floors. Sprung flooring and wooden flooring give an extra bounce. This is the type of flooring used in all professional dance schools and stages. 

Mirrors- In order to correct alignment and posture it is absolutely necessary to see yourself in the mirror. This is how the budding dancer can correct their lines and ensure body position. It is also an essential part of learning routines and making sure each dancer in the group is on the same timing. Choreography and performance is hugely benefitted from studio mirrors and we can't imagine dancing without mirrors. Muscle memory 

Barres- Barres are an essential part of equipment for all dance schools. Unfortunately not all schools invest in this vital piece of equipment. It is required in all ISTD exams, including ballet, tap and modern theatre. A dance student must use the barre in order to gain balance and control. A participant in any BarreFit class needs the barre for the exact same reason.

We have a comfortable reception, waiting room, shop area, kitchenette and WC all on site.

We believe that your child or yourself deserves the best start to their dance and fitness journey. Why settle for anything less? Find out more about the teachers by following the tabs at the top of the page.

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