Class Schedule

Please click on the link to view our current timetable!

Simply give us a call or email to discuss your options and to talk about which classes are of interest.

Once we know which classes you are interested in, we will send you a 'new starter sign up sheet' and the student will be added to our registers.



Studio is available for hire- we welcome bookings for toddler classes, fitness classes and dance events. Send an enquiry or visit our Facebook page for more information

Parties- why not join us at the studio for your special day?! We offer kids birthday parties which include a fun dance class and space to set up party food and the birthday cake! We utilise both the studios for the party so you have sole use of the premises. We welcome themed parties and invite you to share your special day with us. Send an enquiry or visit our Facebook page for more information

First Dances- we are in the advantageous position of being able to offer both a male and female dance teacher for your wedding dance. This is a huge advantage and quite the rarity! If you would like to brush up on your dancing skills before the big day or have a bespoke dance choreographed just for you then send an enquiry!

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