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Classes held at Sazonova Dance and Fitness Studio

Here at Sazonova Dance and Fitness we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of classes throughout the week. We appreciate that individuals need to be catered for. Therefore we offer graded examinations for those who want to work up the levels in ISTD classes. These classes are fantastic for learning the foundations of dance and the core aspects pf each genre. However we also appreciate that some people may prefer a class where you learn routines and freestyle. These classes are great for creativity and come with no pressure to sit an exam. 

Along with our weekly timetable we are planning to take part in festivals, competitions and in an annual performance. Dates to be confirmed but watch this space!


BALLET - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, graded examinations. Ballet is a true art form which is characterised by graceful movements and precise pirouettes. Dedication to the art is required and we are so fortunate to have ISTD and Russian classic technique classes. 


STREET JAZZ & HIP HOP is a fusion of Commercial Jazz, Hip Hop and Street Dance. A routine and choreography based class danced to music from Hip Hop, R&B and the latest chart music. Lots of the routines are used in shows and performances. A great way to start dancing and get involved.

Dramatic Dance

MODERN Theatre dance is the core to all forms of Jazz and Musical Theatre performers. It is a mixture of core technique, limbering and rhythm. It really is the basis of any young dancer and graded examinations are assessed by the ISTD.

Tap Dance Class

TAP dance is a combination of rhythm and coordination. We explore classic Tap as seen in hit musicals like 42nd Street and Singin’ in the Rain right up to present day Hoofers such as Tap Dogs. Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance are the exam board for Sazonova Dance and Fitness.

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MUSICAL THEATRE classes at Sazonova Dance and Fitness are so much fun! We create ‘triple threat’ students. Dancing, singing and acting are studied alongside learning about West End and Broadway musicals. We create show pieces in this lesson which we use to showcase talent and creativity.

Dance Class

ADULT DANCE classes. Tap and Ballet at beginner and intermediate level. A class dedicated to those who wish to reignite a love of dance or for those who never had the opportunity to dance as a child, and wish to learn a new skill! Whatever your age and ability, dance is universal! Great for the body as well as the mind.

Urban Breakdancer

SAZONOVA TOTS classes are 45 minutes and focus on Acrobatic Arts and Classical Ballet. This class is for the littlest dancers who are new to the world of dance. There is a focus on basic technique from day one with interactive stories, games and choreography to aid their learning.

Zumba Dance Class

LYRICAL CONTEMPORARY dance is the illustration of song lyrics through movement. A beautiful combination of ballet and modern technique combined with musical interpretation. A creative class which specifically draws upon the emotions of the performer. The ‘Greatest dancer’ winner performed this style as her initial audition and winning piece.

ACROBATIC ARTS is a class for the young dancer who wants to enhance their capabilities through acrobatics and tumbling skills. ‘So you think you can dance’ and ‘The greatest dancer’ are fantastic examples of dancers with Acrobatic Arts training and it leads to show stopping skills and amazing tricks. We like to incorporate lifts and partner work into these classes and use them in performances.

SKILLS is essential for all those who wish to compete and gain new dance skills. Pirouettes, kicks, leaps and turns are all developed in this class alongside a fusion of all jazz styles which further enhances the capabilities of any young performer.

BOYS Street Jazz and Boys Ballet. We explore power and strength to enable our young performers to leap, turn and freeze. Boys are welcome to any of our classes but this class specifically works on male dance technique and training.

DANCE FIT with Dmitrii is an instructor led aerobics class. Combining dance steps and exercises with uplifting music. Mr Sazonov puts you through your paces but it’s so much fun, you don’t think you’ve actually done a workout!

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